Who we are

Eolos company has been established in 1974 by Mr. N. Koumaropoulos and Mr. G. Lazaridis. Since then, has been successfully engaged in the industrial field, thru providing machinery equipment and technical support mainly in the following sectors:

  • Machinery equipment for compressed air (air compressors)
  • Machinery equipment for compressed air treatment
  • Machinery equipment for vacuum application (Vacuum pumps)
  • Machinery equipment for conveying solutions (Blowers)
  • Pneumatics applications
  • Industrial cooling and air-conditioning applications
  • Generators for Nitrogen or Oxygen

Our co-operation with the leading brands in each of the above sectors, was the beginning of a successful and continuing growing course. All these brands are certified with ISO 9001.

Our culture

There were several issues that industry didn’t deal with comfort. The major problem was the lack of the appropriate and responsible technical support for industrial compressed air. This was the motive for us to continuously invest on the field.

Our goal remains to provide with confidence solutions to relay on, for the issues that industry is dealing with every day. In order to achieve this, we are investing continuously on our staff thru the technical education updates, as well as to keep up with new releases in the technology field and the solutions they provide.

What do we do

Eolos first introduced the “compressor exchange”, in order to cover the continuously growing compressed air demand of the industrial world. Eolos was in the past and still remains to be the one and only company that is able to provide maintenance services for all types of compressor with the original spare parts of the maker.

Eolos today

Today we count years of continuous dynamic presence in the market and we are able to vouch for our services, not only because of the multitude of our stuff but also with the excellent developed network, consisting of four (4) Service Points in Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Crest of all is the Service Point in Thessaloniki, which has the largest area for supporting compressed air applications in Balcans, equipped with the latest mechanical equipment.


Eolos company uses a fleet of vehicles, in order to reliable provide efficient and direct services, such as:

  • Onsite maintenance service and repair of all kind of compressors.
  • Preventive Maintenance Contracts covering all kind of compressors.
  • Spare parts stock for all kind of compressors.
  • Maintenance service and repair of all kind of compressed air dryers and water chillers.
  • Maintenance service and repair of all kind of blowers and vacuum pumps.
  • Network installation for compressed air, vacuum or water.

The large number of satisfied with our services customers consists a guarantee of quality for existing and future collaborations. At the same time, the number of our machines installed inside and outside of Greece, but also in the wider area of Balkans, suggests a powerful cooperative node, stable and continuously growing.



  • 5 model Services Points in
    Greece and Balkans 


Eolos Maintenance Services

  • We support all kind of compressors, irrespective of supplier.
  • Always by your side, with a fleet of vehicles in order to serve you in the better and swiftest way.


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